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  • Welcome Helen to new world. With a fantastic make up and body all you guys will love her. She is joyful, happy and smiley. She always happy when she touching herself and thinking that she is playing with you guys. Hope you guys will make her dream come true bu join her then. What are you waiting for? Come on :)

Have we got a first for you! When Nova mentioned she had a guy who wanted to bottom we immediately jumped on it and today's hardcore is the result! Helen is a stunning Thai girl with an amazing body who hooked up with fresh face Michel, a muscular expat who loves tgirls! Helen is so happy that she is going to have a good time with a guy who she is waiting for. They are kissing to each other like not see for long time. They both kissing and their hands are touching and turn on to each other. He starts to kiss her neck and come down to her boobs. She likes it very much! He can feel that she is getting hard so he remove her pant down and start to lick a little bit first and suck her all the way! She loves it! Not that long she is paying back to him too by kiss his chest and come dome to kiss his jock. She can feel that his cock is so big! She take it out and start to suck him like ice cream. She turn him on a lot, so is she! She likes to taste him more so she turn him and push him down and start to rim his ass! She loves it! so is he. He can't hold it anymore so ask her to fuck him! She doesn't wait for too long so fuck him from behind! She feels so good and almost cum so they have to changed position by let him riding on her cock! Wow! Amazing time! They both are love it. They change to another position and let him lay down and she fucks him so hard that he scream out until she almost cum then she take her cock out and cum on his face! He loves the way how she cum and eat her cum and lick it dry! Tasty! She likes to make him a good time too so start to suck him until he cum on her face! Lot of load on her face! She doesn't like it but she loves it! She will have a good sleep tonight. Good night everyone!

19th Nov 2021

25:26 HD Video
& 225 Photos

    Rating: 4.65